Our company was originally established in 1975 in Guttenberg, New Jersey and in 1989, revived in Miami, Florida. We have been responsible for providing outstanding service ever since.

With so many years of service and accumulated knowledge, we can customized your travel plans to meet your needs and preferences, whether it be a customized itinerary, an air and land package, an escorted tour, your favorite cruise, or a special event, you can be assured that every detail will be attended to in a professional way. And, for your peace of mind and protection, we can provide you with a full line of optional travel insurance plans.

Please let us know what your travel plans call for and  it will be our pleasure to arrange them for you. Whether for business or pleasure, for individual as well as groups, we are here to help you.     

Contact us:     AMAROTC@aol.com



                            305-275-2860 - FAX     

State of Florida Seller of Travel #ST21757